Went GP last week as have had couple of weird neurological problems. Put in a referal (dont think thats right spelling thats the third word tried to spell and cannot) to neurologist and said might take couple months...anything like rheumy that took 6 months. Recieved appointment today 10th Jan 2013. Now just got to hope they know something about Sneddons syndrome.

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  • Well thats a pretty good result! Please keep us informed how you get on. In laymans terms what is the difference between APS and Sneddons or can you have both?

  • Hi, Sneddons is a neurovascular disorder alot of the symptoms are very similar to APS so sometimes hard to tell which is responsible for what. Usually you have an autoimmune disease as well as having Sneddons (MS,APS, LUPUS etc).

    Its rare 4 per million there are a few on here that have it.

  • Thanks Sharon, sorry to ask so many questions but is there one or two particular symptoms that distinguish it and would make a Doctor be suspicious that someone had it? Thanks

  • main symptoms are livedo reticularis, headache,dizziness,progressive cognitive problems,involuntary muscle spasms,severe pain in face and eyes,severe tias, strokes, essential tremors,heart problems,depression and memory problems.

    The problems seem to be with the blood vessels not the blood compared to APS which is the blood.

  • sorry ment to say hope this is usefull also sorry about my spelling my brian is not working today.

    sharon xx

  • Thanks thats very helpful x

  • I hope you get the answers you are looking for, quite fast with appointments :)

    Let us know how it goes x

  • Please keep us all in the loop, and feed back what they say of interest and I am pleased you are not have a six month wait. Rheumatology referrals are often very slow! Mary F x

  • Hi is a link with some great info on Sneddons syndrome...

    I have the livedo reticularis, neurological problems, tested positive for Antiphospholipid one's heard of this what a battle!

  • Thanks for that link - I found it too it is a good one. I will see if I can add it to the Tags for further reference for everyone.

    Just a reminder for when you write your Blogs and Questions to add Tags so everyone can find things more easily ...ta!

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