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question from my dutch aps site

I recived two e mails from the same person

1)I have a question had 27 September surgery on my left hand with a finger continuously removes from the bowl it shows the nerve was broken. the recovery went actually pretty nice but since last week hitch came. First, I had almost no feeling in my index finger and now I'm hypersensitive to that finger and it does not quite my hand is swollen and my arm the pain is very intense and paracetamol does almost not hardly. Ben visited the GP and referred me back to the surgeon and my hand therapist who did not treat yesterday and said it in every aspect dystrofisch image and that he first wants to wait that diagnosis of the surgeon does APS has also influence on the healing after surgery?

I naturally hope that the therapist is not right but will get well if I'm honest it looks that way the pain expands now to my wrist and my fingers of the left hand, she can hardly areas of pain. Also looks hand glassy or blue.

Can you maybe answer the question for me and perhaps you know more people with dystrophy and aps and keep it anyway any connection?

And a copple days later the second

I'm busy with fighting for my hand. But walking constantly against my own doctor that does not understand my situation and just do not know what he shoult do. Yesterday my husband was so angry at my g pand asked for an echo of my left arm because my whole arm has become thick and different color just the same as my hand. Blood results are good Monday again pricked. Tomorrow I go back to the surgeon spoke last week antibiotiaca cure because he had thought of inflammation but nothing has helped cure is low and my hand is still very painful and discolored dil scary sometimes. Anyway last night I went to hov and who has made me happy is something for the pain with which has resulted in reasonable sleep and today I feel better and happier, and if I still have to live then I'll go back to work . Made an appointment with my boss to see if I can go back to my old work place but with adapted to my possibilities. I do not stand still and windshield. But tomorrow I'll go ask what they can do the job better and where to get it now that other color comes from. There must be something wrong in his hand or arm what caused all this, but well we wait and when I know more I'll let you know.

Any suggestions other than asking for coagulation?

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Sander Im really sorry but the translation I think is making it difficult to really understand what is happening so that I can give a clear answer to the questions.

I can get an idea or what is being said but would not want to say anything in case it was wrong. Sorry!


I think I understand.....being used to dodgy translations here in France!!!! I think this could be a case of regional pain France Algodystrophie, in english Chronic regional pain syndrome CRPS........I had a knee replacement last November.......and manipulation in January......the knee was hot, swollen, different colour....I too worried about my blood but was on both heperin and aspirin and had very good doctors who knew and understood that I had aps and various other conditions! My doctor diagnosed me with algodystrophie...and wrote to my surgeon whom is very very painful and causes all the symptoms you say in your post.....unfortunately this was the second time I have had it as I got it when I had neck surgery in the UK. Lyrica is the drug of choice for treatment....It has worked for me allthough does, in most cases cause weight gain......but that was the least of my problems. it is usually caused by nerve damage. In france they says it lasts for 1 year to 18 months....some says it does not ever experience.......was better in my neck after 2 years.......the knee ...I am still waiting...still taking lyrica and various pain meds....This maybe something worth looking in to??????


Im not surprised you have had success with Lyrica (pregabalin). This drug is licensed for neuropathic pain in the UK and works on the CNS. It has good results for spinal issues. Hopefully if the pain in the knee is neuropathic it will also help there too.


Hi apsnotfab.......I hate taking it as it causes weight gain with me but hey that is far better than the pain........but it works, I had it for the pain after a spinal op in my neck first and now my knee......I also have chronic lower spine issues so all round a good drug for me........I actually managed to get on my horse for the first time in 18 months yesterday!! I for one am grateful for Lyrica as the neuropathic pain was horrendous!!! the joint pains etc are enough to deal with without that on top!!! and it also allows some sleep! bliss!!!


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