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Per my earlier post about facing amputation, thank you so very much for responding/advice. I will seek a second opinion! I have never been put on aggressive anti-coagulation; just take a low-dose aspirin daily. I have been told additional medications will not stop clots and aneurysms from forming.Has this proven true???

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Im not sure I understand what you mean by additional medications. If you are including in that warfarin and heparin then I think I have to disagree otherwise why do the tens of thousands of people risk themselves plus the inconvenience and palava of taking those medications to help their APS.

In your case I do think things are not black and white because you have APS and other complicating issues. Its really important that your vascular, heart and APS Doctors consult with each other so that they are all singing from the same song sheet. I do hope once you get that second opinion if taking anticoagulation is the answer your options will improve.

As with everything with this condition it is very individual but on the whole in answer to your question I do think that additional medications stop clots from forming.


I would be put on at least some kind of anticoagulation therapy. To just be on aspirin is kind of running a risk for clots!!!!!


Hi there, the team around you involved in your care, need to do some urgent and joined up thinking, they should be considering adding other medications in and talking this through with you. Mary F x


Thanks, Mary. I was asking about additional medications - i.e. anti-coagulants, because I don't take anything other than low-dose aspirin. I am doing my best to get a second opinion, but also to NOT proceed with the amputation until I find out more. I thought maybe anti-coagulation drugs might prevent clots/aneurysms in the future. Hard to remain intellectual about this now - I find it's as real and personal as it gets. Your encouraging words, along with others in the group, is giving me hope and good questions to ask!! Thanks from my heart:)


The point of anti-coagulation drugs is to prevent clots forming.

If you had an amputation because of complications caused by a clot it would not prevent clots in the future you would still need anti-coagulation to prevent it happening again.

Please request a second opinion immediately.

Let us know how you get on x


Thanks, Sue. I have clots and aneurysms in both legs; the left underwent surgery to repair in '08, but clogged up again within 3 months. Because I am also awaiting open-heart surgery, my Doc's don't want me on blood-thinners until after that's been done. I will get another opinion on both anti-coagulation medication NOW, as well as amputation. Seems like a bit of a catch-22!!



I really feel for you. What a dilemma.

Obviously nobody on here can advise you but mostly if we are on anti-coagulation we come off it a few days before surgery or in the case of Heparin a day before.

You need to discuss all this with your doctor though.

Take care xx


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