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Back to work

I had a very good job until being diagnosed with APS in 2008. I could not work as I was experiencing TIA's and still am although on Clexane 120mg for life. I have been told by the consultant that full time work is out of the question so am considering part-time work. I am concerned that if I do find work whether I will beable to cope as my symptoms vary each day. Some days I feel so sick and weak and have no energy and just want to sleep and other days I feel like I have come back to life!! I don't want to start work and then have days off because I feel so ill. I will feel a failure and a nuisance to my employer. Is anyone in the same situation and feels the same way ? I feel excluded from the working world and miss the social side of working and sorry to say it but money is also an issue although health comes first.!!!

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Why not try doing some voluntary work for a month or two and see how you manage. If that works out ok you can then feel more confident about doing part-time work. Also some charities will take you on from voluntary to paid staff.


Hi's me again! I have been disabled by a stroke nearly 3 years ago and already had a bit of a mobility problem from osteoarthritis in my spine and DVT. I haven't worked since the stroke, but for all the reasons you state, and because I feel isolated when my husband is out at work, I am considering starting a business from home, probably online, that I can run when I feel well, or can't sleep, or just that will fit in with me generally. Only considering it...but loads of people do it and very successfuly too.

Look out for me on Dragons Den or The Aged Apprentice!! Larraine x


Hi there, something part time, would be good, and also if possible following a passion or interest if possible... ask your closest friends, people you trust what they think... and the best of luck with your mission, hats off to you. Mary F x


Hi, I was unable to work full time due to being totally useless for hours when I first get up but also not knowing how well I would be from one day to the next. I now run an online business from home to supplement our income. It means I can rest whenever I want but I do often work late. However I do still get lonely as there is nobody to talk to. I considered voluntary work but with that too I ay still be unreliable. I think your own business would be a good idea.


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