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INR very low to very high

hi i have just come back from my INR check my range is between 2-3 but its always been low at 1.5 so im on 19 mg of warfarin a day .but for the last 2 weeks its suddenly gone really high last week it was 6.9 and today its gone to 11.1 they gave me some vitamim k on the tongue and i have to go back tommorow for another inr check but im having trouble sleeping .had about 4 hrs last night im either sweating or very cold .just wondering if its the inr or something else

thanks shell xxx

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Oh Dear that does sound difficult. Have you been eating anything different. Perhaps you have a virus which may account for the alternating sweats. Keep an eye on things but if you are very worried between now and tomorrow or get any bad symptoms, call the clinic back or go back to the A&E.


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