Email notifications are currently not working:

There have been no email notifications since around midnight last night - hang on in there, if you are finding the site difficult or have not had a response etc, to questions, issues, ongoing debates or blogs. I have just telephoned HU Office who are currently working on this, but can't give me a time frame for this.

Mary F

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  • Things are now flowing, but it is slow everybody, please be aware of this. Mary F x

  • You can make a cup of tea while you wait for it to load up... no, actually you can! :-)

  • Actually you are totally wrong... I managed to make and drink two with one post loading! xx

  • We will have to have a competition to see how many cups we can make and drink before it crash's completely!! Ha Ha

  • I think I may have to switch to something stronger! Mind you that would be cheating.. how long does it take to make a G&T etc. Grrrrr Mary F x

  • Longer than it takes to drink it!!!!! xxx

  • Yes!

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