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ESA is this positive not too sure?

Hi all thought I would just let you know that I was due to go for a medical assessment 30th August 2012. I set my alarm to get up especially early to give myself plenty of time but when I woke I was in so much pain and soooo tired that I went back to bed as I just couldnt do it, consequently I slept approximately 2 hours past my appointment time, I know it was perhaps a bit rude of me but I didnt call to apologise either partly due to the fact that on occasions I have rung them they are somewhat condescending. I subsequently received a letter from them asking me for an explanation as to why I didnt turn up for the appointment, and to send medical evidence to back it up, I gave them a brief explanation of being apL positive and some of the symptoms and told them if they wanted any furthur information to contact Prof Hunt at St Thomas' today I received a reply saying that they accepted my explanation and could they make another appointment with me and might be able to have a home visit (they stopped my benefit nearly a year ago this is all for NI contributions). But at least they didnt dismiss the APS /apL

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Difficult to know what to say. I went for the assessment to change from IB to ESA and took loads of letters with me (I have other conditions as well) but still got put into the work related activity group even though I am 60. Currently going ahead with first stage of appeal.

Atos and the DWP are a nightmare to deal with and I have no idea what will happen in Nov when my ESA stops. But your situation sounds different, so you might be more fortunate. Good luck!


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