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Thank you

hi there again!!! Im unsure if I'm going about responding to the question I asked previously in the correct way however I'd just like to say thank you to the individuals that answered my question "could I have sticky blood"?

I will most certainly chase this up with my own GP and with my consultant obstetrician as I'm sure there must be a reason why I am having miscarriages! I could put 1 mc down to bad luck but I think having had 5 is not just by "chance"!! And having heard the term "sticky blood" mentioned I feel this needs to be followed up and investigated!! I really don't want to go through another mc as with each one im finding the emotional pain harder to bare!! With my last mc a scan at 6+ wks showed a viable pregnancy but was told at my 8+ wk scan the baby had died at approx 7wks is this possible with Hughes syndrome?? To have a viable pregnancy and the baby suddenly die?? All my other mc have been in the first 12wks usually around 6/7wks with only 1 going to 12wks but that was over 20yrs ago, so not sure if Hughes syndrome was apparent to medical staff then???

My first 3 mc were with my ex had the other 2 with my now husband so am thinking that it must be me that has a problem???

Will I look foolish going to my GP and asking to be tested for Hughes syndrome??

I am 40 so need tests done ASAP so I can try to conceive again before time runs out!!!

Thank you very very much for responding to my question

Regards Kay722

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Hi there, if you need to reply... just look under mine here and see the option to reply and then your answer will come back to me, but also be visible as part of the post. You will not look foolish asking your GP for this test: Show him/her these two links: and this for St Thomas in London;

Kind Regards

Mary F x


Kay, the same thing happened to me with my last pregnancy. We saw a heartbeat at 6wks. During our next ultrasound we found out the baby had died (I believe this is called a missed miscarriage). I had three blood clots which formed in the placenta and cut off the supply of blood to my baby. Definately get tested, it could be as simple as taking a daily low dose aspirin. Good luck to you.


Bless you :) thats what were here for hun, glad to try & help you any way we can.

Don't worry about looking foolish....we have to ask about things like's our lives & we want to be around for our children & loved ones at the end of it!!

Good luck, let us know how you get on xx


Hi there so sorry you have suffered in this way. I just wanted to say that when you request to be checked for hughes the usual test is anti cardiolipin, I tested negative for this so was told I didn't have it. Then whilst on a second round of pulse treatments (these treatments were for vasculitis) a research dr came to see me and I was tested for anti beta2 glycoprotein, this was very positive. Both of these are the hughes anti bodies (or so I'm told) but in the UK they usually only test for anti cardiolipin. When you request to be checked I would suggest that you ask both tests.

Good luck and push to be tested.



Yes Im in the UK and they do usually do two/three tests for APS. The aCL (Anticardiolipin Antibodies), LA (Lupus Anticoagulant) and .ß2-glycoprotein 1 for that extra step.

I was not positive on the first two but strangely strongly positive on the ß2-glycoprotein 1 eventually. St T would do all three so I do hope you can push for these tests and set your mind at rest and get the correct treatment. Please keep us informed. x


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