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Swollen fingers

Hi I wrote on here a month ago about getting swollen fingers, and there seemed to be a few people on here suffering from the same thing. So why is it when I went to the doctors so see if there is anything I could take he looked a bit bemused. Was this because he doesn't know anything about APS or did he think I was making this up. Really fed up today as my fingers are really swollen and tender. Any tips on this Gratefully accepted.

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Hi debs

sorry to hear fingers sore n swollen. Short answer is gp's generally don't know much about Aps . Although we trying to spread the word. Is worth mentioning to specialist, see if they can help. Lots of us do suffer with swelling n pain in hands, feet, my legs swell terribly. Quite a few of us have other conditions so is difficult to be sure what causes what symptoms.

I've found my hands have been better since I've been on plaquenil.

Hope you have a good Sunday.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Sorry you're going through all this. I was recently diagnosed with APS. I find where I am from hardly anyone has heard of it, even GP's. I have a wonderful GP and he knew enough to test me for it. With my odd problems & my daughters, if it's something you can take a picture of I snap one with my phone. My fingers with raynauds, my daughters hives. It's easier to show a pic than describe it if it's visible. Maybe ask around and see if there's a GP that know about APS. Are you on any medications now? Warfarin?


I know where I live, that my Rheumy has a special GP pack that they are happy to send to GP's who dont know much about Lupus or APS. Might be worth an ask.


i have a very swollen finger but mine is due to the finger locking down which is good trigger finger when i had this on my other hand it was not so bad, but the time it is more pain full i know i will need to have a op down on it but i have been putting it of as if i go thought my doctor i may have to wait months to see the hand plastic man, i may try and ring him up and see if i can by pass the doctor, when i have said to the Gp about swollen fingers before i ended up with tablets to take the fluid away which never works. i think a lot more doctor should find out about APS if there have someone on there books that has it,

have you tried a ice gel pack round the hands as that helps some times


Sorry you are feeling so awful!

My legs swell and sometimes my hands, my docs have said the swelling is in part where there has been a DVT and the veins are damaged and can't return the bloodflow so well. For me sometimes water tables work and other not, but I can't find a difference in me for when they do and don't work. Is this something you may be able to try?

Sending you sunshine wishes of wellness





I am sorry to hear whats happening, yes my hands swell and they can go bright red and painful was told this can be to do with raynaurds and also if your INR is high as everyone else says i would go see the doc



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