MP using me and my illness as a case study in debate regarding the way ATOS are treating people who are claiming sickness benefits

Throughout my ordeal with the DWP and ATOS I have found my MP to be most helpful. Yesterday his secretary contacted me to ask permission to use me as a case study to debate on TV how unfairly ATOS are conducting their medicals at present. i gave my permission wholeheartedly. I don't think it will help my particular fight with ATOS, but it will be interesting to listen to and would most certainly bring public awareness to APS. I am waiting more details about the programme and will endeavor to let you know more detail when and if I receive any, if anyone is interested x

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  • Well done, this is great news, Please do get in touch with Kate Hindle at The Hughes Syndrome Foundation: As she can help guide with media stuff so you and the condition in general gets the best profile. Well done for your extraordinary efforts. Mary F x

  • This is great, really well done and what a positive thing to do. Dx

  • My ordeal with ATOS has been hellish for over a year. APS has plagued me for most of my life. As an APS, Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondalitis sufferer I am certain that I will be unreliable to a potential employer due to my many varied symptoms for the majority of the time. My integrity is in tact and that is why I continue to fight. I do not feel that I can win this system alone it is too big for one voice, but I will see it through to the tribunal because I did not receive a fair initial medical examination. I will trust that we live in a fair and lawful system until I am put back to work by the DWP in the next few months having received an unfair assessment. I have been saddened that my request for a supporting letter from my DR at St Thomas was simply ignored as I feel that support from the specialists of APS is crucial to our case. They are quite simply our only means of support. I am delighted however that my local MP has taken such an interest in my case and has been most supportive.

  • After last weeks debate something has got to change we are a louder voice now keep your chin up pal

  • Thats really great news for you and I can't fail to see that it can't help to have a positive impact on your case with ATOS.

    Will wait to hear when this is taking place but in the meantime well done you! X

  • This is great news for you Rhian :) Maybe you should put your MP and Kathy's one in touch with each other as she has already rattled his cage about the problems with APS and ATOS assessments. Please do keep us posted on any developments as I would like to spread the word - if you need any info for journalists/media just email me at and I will be happy to pass them onto you and/or the MP/broadcaster.


  • This is good news and good luck! I am also going to tribunal and having the same fight...unfortunately I am in France so have no MP because I to would be contacting him!

  • AND two petitions relevant to this:

    1. and


    Signing petitions does help, passing them on to others helps even more!

    Mary F x

  • I am pleased to hear your MP is trying to do something about what is now a terrible injustice that is taking place.

    Thank you for fighting back as you do it for all of us.

    I look foreward to hearing more about the programme.

    Take care x Sue

  • I'm not well at all at the moment guys but mustered up just enough energy to say thank you for your comments and supporting words x

  • Well I'm afraid to say that my MP was unable to have his say afterall on priministers question time, his secretary told me that Over 200 MPs had intended to speak and unfortunately due to time restrictions not all of them were able to. i hope at least this might have sparked others to see their MP's when in need of help to see the right specialists or get the right's a case of nearly there not quite ....I'm afraid !

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