What a lovely evening!!! Staffs meet up!!!

Hi all,

Met up with Suzy for coffee and chat, really nice being with a fellow Hughie, comparing notes, sharing woes and giggles. Muddling words and forgetting things! Lol!!!

Don`t know where the time goes,it disappears so fast.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. It is lovely not feeling so alone! Thanks Suzy :-) :-) xxx

Fellow Hughies welcome to join us.

Take care, gentle hugs Jessielou xxxxxxxxxx :-) :-)xx

2 Replies

  • Aaaaahhhh, me too!! :) it is nice to chat to someone who understands.

    If anyone wants to / can meet with us some time just let us know :)

    Ta for meeting up with me & my nutty friends!! call me any time for a chat Jessielou.

    Take care xx

  • Hi

    I am glad you had a great night glad the group is getting people together.


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