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Silly? Extravagant? or Profoundly simple?

So . . . the opthamologist who guessed I had APS BEFORE I had strokes and had asked my GP to test me for cardiolipin antibodies (my GP threw his written request into the trash while saying " these hot shots straight from medical school. They think they're so smart.")

ANYWAY -- this opthamologist began joking with me at my last eye exam appointment that if I really wanted a hot tub on our patio he would write me a prescription for one if I thought that would help me convince my husband.

I laughed, showed it to my husband, we laughed together, then I threw it out.

BUT -- a year and a lot of muscle and joint pain later:

Is he right? Is a daily soak in the hot tub a real live, authentic, pays-for-itself-in-saved-medical-bills treatment for sticky blood?

It makes sense, doesn't it, that a nice full body soak in hot, bubbly relaxing water is bound to improve circulation and break up proto clots.

But before I start acting like a spoiled brat and seriously ask my husband if we can make a $5K outlay for a hot tub I thought I'd float (ha ha) this idea by the group.

Anybody else have positive results from hot tub therapy?

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Hi there, I have a double sized therapy bath due to my combination of 5 conditions... it certainly makes me more comfortable, we also have a hot tub in the woods, home made one, it is a bit heavy on labour to get it going... so the children do it once in a while, then we all hop in. My husband likes to leave me there if I have been particularly frightful! MaryF


I may have my husband read that last line of your post so he could see a personal stake in this. Thanks.


I am living in the wrong Country x


go for it ;-) through my own experience post boozy night out and several nurses and doctors deciding to go in my friends hot tub late at night was great for muscle ache from a heavy night on the dance floor and as long as you are well hydrated and its not to hot then brill ;-)

my friends hot tub was too hot for me so i ended up with a banging headache that with alcohol in my system (those were the good old days when a late night was a late one and my inrs stayed within range despite a few glasses of vino!)

and perhaps if hubby get on your nerves on a particular day more than usual you could leave him in it ;-) up the hill xxx


I suppose I could use the hot tub at the fitness club in the next town on alternating days and see if I can document a correlation between soaks and less pain days --but unless I find a hypnotist I could not rule out a placebo, I-want-my-own-hot-tub effect.

See,I'm trying, or at least going through the motions of trying, to be objective.


for me a hot showers always work - cheaper option but i doubt not as effective as a hot tub x


I sometimes have 3 baths a day..its the only thing to ease my pain and warm up my freezing body on some days..and hot water bottles are so under-rated..could not live without my Walter hot water bottle !


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