has anyone taken the adrenal fatigue questionnaire by Dr Wilson?

It is quite outstanding and i can so relate to the questions i would never think of wording so well & precisely. - my results i am suffering from severe adrenal fatigue the sleep disturbance pattern i have encountered for years is described here and could have been written about me!!

try it ;-)


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  • Yes I have. Very good questionaire and certainly felt like it could cover a lot of my problems. Would be nice to see this condition formally recognised by the medical profession :)

  • i took a similar one with Dr Barry Durrant Peatfield who is a highly respected nutritionist these days, plus did a private saliva test. M F x

  • Yes I did, a long time ago. Have been taking very low dose cortisone for a number of years for complete adrenal exhaustion and it changed completely how I was able to function. Most doctors still don't believe in this therapy, or will try to prescribe prednisone instead, but I'm lucky to have an internist who does.

  • PS..... I also had the saliva testing which showed how low my adrenal function was.

  • Thanks Leigha that sounds promising ;-) -was saliva test done privately? has the cortisone affected your weight? kathy x

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