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Doctors appointment

seen GP about referral to St Thomas. she was shocked I had not received appointment at local hospital been waiting six months!!!!

BUT............ than I found out on GP computer system I am dx with

sneddon-wilkinson disease (spots in armpit/groin treated with cream) I have Sneddons syndrome Oh someone must of put the wrong code on your dx maybe this is the reason no consultant has taken up your case!!!!!!!

Wonder why I hate going to see doctors.......

Did get results of bone scan I have osteopenia in spine so three new lots of tablets to take lucky me.

Hopefully now I might get a consultant.

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Phew, I am glad you have got to the bottom of the 'block' on referral, so presumably you might get both referrals! Then St T's can instruct the more local team! Good luck and best wishes. Mary F x


hope so finally might be getting somewhere xx


Hi Sharon, I have been diagnosed with sneddons syndrome also, do you aps, nobody will answer any of my questions regarding what it is, if you have more insight please let me know Traceyloux


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