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Hi error 5 on coagucheck

Problem I wrote about ? a week or two ago, anyway I phoned the company the problem she thought was due to the lancets, she has sent me some more as the prescription I was given the white ones and we are supposed to use yellow.

They look the same on the outside but the diffence is in the needle, bigger and sharper, doesn't hurt anymore than the other ones though.

Thanks for suggesting phoning the company, they were very good

Love Karen xx

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The problem is that you did not get enough blood on the strip. It has nothing to do with what lancet you use as long as you get a good sample of blood to the strip. More is better.


I have had this error whilst using a smaller white lancet, a bigger yellow lancet will get you a better drop of blood for the strip. Correct lancet size does matter!


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I hope help you.


I get mine on prescription and have had white for years. I always squeeze my finger to get enough blood. If I am cold I have to warm my finger first or none comes out, I also have the dial turned upto 4.5 nearly as deep as it can go. I have had very few problems with this error since having the xs machine.


The yellow ones are available on prescription too, I get them.

You have to specify 'Softclix XL' 0.8mm and that should do it, get your GP to change the details.

Best wishes.



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