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APS and neurological symptoms - article


A while ago someone posted a link to recent study linking neurological symptoms and APS.

I have an appointment with the heamotologist this morning, my bloods are slightly elevated (level of 12) and my left thigh is completely numb, I have tingling in the left side of my face and left foot. The heamotologist is of the opinion that this is not APS related and I was hoping to print off the article to take in.

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Is this what you're after? Good luck today x



I know we suggested you should look for another Doctor who is a Specialist of APS. You had a couple of months ago neurological symptoms and that Baby-Aspirin was not enough.

You should not go any longer with these symptoms! Please see a Doctor urgent to begin with and ask for a referral to a Specialist. Your present Hematologist does not believe you have APS as he does not understand APS.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

Thanks all. I've been referred to the stroke team for a scan, with further blood tests inbetween. In the meantime, I've resumed dalterparin.


Best of luck with your up and coming appointment. MaryF

I totally believe APS is linked with Neurological. I too have the same symptoms and although taking 13mg of warfarin daily, I still have mini strokes. Only a few minutes at a time and maybe only once/twice year, but this all leads to Neurological problems.

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I guess you know that the amount of Warfarin is not so important (it is different from person to person) but what is important is to keep the INR steady in its therapeutic range all the time. Hope your Specialist of APS has put it over an INR of 3.5, which we need to avoid those neurological symptoms.

It is probably when the INR is not in its target range you get that dips so I suggest you test more often and also ask for a LMW Heparin-shot to take when the INR is too low.

You should not have those ministrokes!

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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