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As well as Hughes and fibro I have symptoms of lupus and Sjogrens so my skin is very sensitive and burns within minutes. I was using a sunscreen recommended by Prof Hughes (needless to say can't remember what it was called) but the higher protection was like a thick cream which took ages to put on. Then my chemist recommended Sun Sense ultra - factor 50 but a thin cream which can be put on in seconds and the bottle lasts for ages (in this country anyway!!!), and I am not allergic to it. Even better it is available on prescription.


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Sounds like you hit lucky with your chemist Caroline. I have not had any problems being out in the sun to date, but this year will be my first while on all the new meds, so I guess will see what happens.

Good luck with your screen




I suppose this is a double edged sword. You can't sit in the sun because your skin could burn and you need to put on a high factor cream. However doing so blocks out Vit D which you need and could also be contributing to your pain.

Can you sit for even 10 minutes without such a high factor cream on? Is your Doctor compensating for this?


I had a blood test recently and my vit d levels are very low so my GP has prescribed vit d supplements. I can sit in the sun for a short while, provided it's not too strong but apart from getting burned too much sun makes me feel very unwell.


Caroline I am with you I use to have leather skin now burn like a crisp and gives me head aches joy, I hope the but d helps



Hi Caroline52, I find just walking to the car can get me burnt if really sunny. I spent some time chattijng to a friend last week in the garden, when i went inside had a really red face and burnt, face now peeled completely. Not even a summer's day, I dread summer even with factor 50 on I burn. Take care x


hi i burn very quick so i all ways use a baby sun tan lotion factor 50 which does help but i dont go out side if it very hot or if i do i have a brolly over my head and make sure i keep putting on the sun tan lotion, plus if i do go down the coast i put a t'shirt on over my swim suit so the back and neck dont burn


I got very badly burned a week ago, the redness is still there. I was very sick 2 days after the exposure. Every year I forget how much I need the suncream. Stayed out of the sun this weekend.....the sun is suddenly sooo strong....take care everyone xx


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