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Chromogenic Factor X Assay ( CFX) interpretation ( conversion from traditional vein value INR)

Chromogenic Factor X Assay ( CFX) interpretation ( conversion from traditional vein value INR)

I have stared calling the CFX value ( which is a percentage) and “ adjusted Traditional Vein value”.

This is how you adjust it , factoring in the CFX value:

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Maybe it’s because I’m drugged up to the eyeballs after a rough day and an INR 3.2 but I don’t understand what I’m seeing on your pictures.

I’ll have a look again when I’m feeling better.

I hope it gives you some guidance and helps you though x


Are you not over your upper respiratory virus? You poor girl!


Nope 👎 struggling to get INR back up and have the worst pain in my upper back like I’ve pulled something. Seeing Dr again Friday x


There are better ways to carry around sacks of potatoes... just sayin’...

Kelly! Is it the actual flu? Did you get tested at initial symptoms onset? Let me guess- symptoms started between Christmas and New Years holiday so all clinics were closed- and A and E woukd have been nightmare. Too late for an antiviral now if it’s actual influenza.

We are dealing with an A strain outbreak. Quite wide spread and my understanding is flu “ jab” was only 10 % effective to strains the included in vaccine this year.

Perhaps you’ve become your own best petrie dish for growing secondary bacterial infection in your lungs or sinuses with all that “ gunk” you produced from initial virus. Hope not, as we are so limited on antibiotics we can take.

I think I’m going to pull a page from Leonardo di caprios movie Aviator. “ Q - U - A -R- A - N - T - I-N -E”

“ Quarintine”

The man knew what he was talking about.

Feel better!!!

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You are quite right about when it started and why I never saw anybody.

It may or may not be flu but it’s definitely more than a bad cold.

Dr will check me over on Friday but until then I will lie here and watch box sets!

Speak soon doppelgänger

🇬🇧🌵 x

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Make sure you do some research to satisfy yourself first. But this might be useful.


Interesting! Tulane is great. Thanks for sharing. Only caution: ( in general) too much can cause diarrhea which can disrupt INR , dehydration- so general caution. But in the perfect balance a great auto immune booster also.

Thanks again!


Again I say it's best to do your own research first.

But it's said that best effects of vit c come 25% below bowel tolerance. Diarrhoea means you need to step back on the dosage by about a quarter. Vit c has quite a short life span in the body. So potentially you can dose many times a day.


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Kelly, I found an article for you: go to and hit start activity all the best , Cindy


I searched for "CFX results in percentage compared to vein values" on my laptop just now:

One of the answers was:

"Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Avoiding Thrombotic and Obstetric issues" (Pharmacy Times, December 09, 2014)

Read all but especially page 2/4 "Patients with LA-positive APS may benefit ......"

I will talk to my Hematologist tomorrow about my INRs and perhaps also ask her if she has heard of this CFX.

Hope it is new to you but perhaps you have already read it.


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