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DRVVT range


I believe the DRVVT (Dilute Russell's Viper Venom Time) is one of the tests used to screen for the Lupus Anticoagulant.

A while back I posted a question about my wife potentially having 'seronegative APS'. I was going through her lab tests the other day and noticed her DRVVT screen test was 42 seconds. After doing some research, it seems like some labs would consider this 'borderline', but hers would only do the 'reflex testing' if it was over 45.

I'm not too familiar with this test. Is this something that's standardized between laboratories? If so, why do different labs have different ranges?

Do you have any thoughts or further reading material?

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It depends on the essay they use. Different Labs use different ones and then they have different ways of scoring. Can be confusing. This is the same for many tests. They try to standardise them across as many labs as possible.


Hi, I agree with the advice given by APsnotFab and also to say that many of us have been Seronegative for periods of time, I was for a long period of time, and then passed two out of the three tests. MaryF


This is why specialists will repeat the tests because they are familiar with their own labs testing. It's unwise to assume that all labs will give the same result.

Wishing your wife well.



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