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Information on BHRT pellets

I am curious who is on, or has been on in the past, the hormone replacement therapy in pellet form. Living in the United States as I do, it is getting almost impossible to find a doctor that does anything but. At this time, I personally do not trust the pellets. I am not sure if they have been used and proven long enough. Unless some more doctors change their minds on delivery of HRT, I may have to find some means of hormone replacement not by way of physician in the near future. This is not for a survey by any means, but the quandary I have had to deal with lately. I don't know if my "fear" of these pellets are rational or if I need to open my mind more.

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Do you have a diagnosis for Hughes Syndrome/APS? This forum is for this disease. MaryF


I see you have posted in quite a few of the groups on HealthUnlocked. This is not a general medical forum and can only really advise those with our condition.


If this is in reference to my post, I am sorry. I looked in menopause and BHRT area and some posts led me here. I had never heard about this syndrome previously. My apologies.

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No problems, we can delete.



We have all here too thick blood that makes us clot a lot and we need anticoagulation to feel ok.

I wish you Good Luck with your issues!

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


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