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Wrong Diagnosis

Wrong Diagnosis

According to my medical records I was told that I had a CVA. Then this last Thursday I was admitted to the hospital with the same symptoms after a CT and MRI was done I was to that I had hemiplegic migraine. I don't suffer with margarines. I know that it was a stroke. I had left side weakness left leg weak walking with a cane and walker in therapy walking very slowly.

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Hi, I see you have just joined, Im sorry you are going through this.

Have you been diagnosed with APS/Hughes?

If so, do you have a specialist, as its very important to have someone who understands our condition?

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Did they give you something for your symptoms at the hospital?

If you have our illness please put a new question on here and tell a little more about yourself!

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


Was blood work done?


Yes I I had rountine blood work done but wasn't given anything for my leg pain or arm pain, but they are sending me to therapy and a neurologist. I still have leg pain and I can't lift my leg to get my moms truck. Do the doctors thing we are out of it?


Hi, have they diagnosed you with our illness? This is done with blood tests 12 weeks apart.

It makes a big difference with how we answer you to whether you have this disease or not.

I do know that you can have migraines that mimic stroke symptoms so seeing a neurologist is a good start.

Please tell us more about yourself?

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I am a Christian strong faith and I am Intune with my body. If something is wrong I want answers. I am and my family believ that I had a CVA. The funny this about this is if this is not a stroke why are you sending me to therapy? The speech therapist said that my lip was twisted maybe the reason that they couldn't find the stroke in time I had already had it before I got to the hospital.


Its good that you have your faith and family support.

Yes this is all very confusing, at least you will see a neurologist, who hopefully will give you some difinitive diagnoses.

Please read up about antiphosphilipid syndrome, some knowledge may/may not help further down the road.


Best of luck to you during such a stressful time. I will only add that you do look awfully young in your cozy photo ( makes my want curl up with you in that cozy living room and your comfy couch and have a cup of tea with you!) to have had a stroke. That is another reason to study up on anti phospholipid syndrome, also known as Hughes Syndrome.

As Holly said, may be worth taking a look.

Wishing you recovery and patience and perseverance,

Kelly - from Texas🌵🌶


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