inr 10.6

my warfarin was at 5mg i was seeing a sketchy primary so i found another but before i did the first one raised my dose. did a blood test three days after i started the 5mg. inr was 1.6 he increased the dose to 6. i went for blood today and the new primary called back and said inr is now 10.6. said if any headaches call 911. i'm 26 i'm extremely careful about getting injured. i wonder if i should go and have it reversed

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  • Hi, see you have just joined-are you on warfarin because you have Hughes/APS?

    Did your doctor/primary suggest reversal? It is now high and you are at risk of bleeding, suggest if your doctor didnt say come in that you eat some greens/vitimin K to get this lower...

  • i have a blood clot i think i got some from catheterization last week in my femoral artery. they didn't say come in i'm just trying to find some sort of information on line. such a high level worries me

  • Do you have Hughes Syndrome? Unless you do we can't answer your question as this is a Forum for that disease.

  • Hi, you do need to urgently go and see your doctor and you also need to be tested for Hughes Syndrome/APS, this form is specifically for those with that diagnosis. MaryF

  • 10.6 is really high, if you phone your Doctors they should give you advice, seems at the very least you need to be reassured only Doctors can do this.

  • 10.6 is high this happens to me sometimes when it first jumped very high it was 21.3 I was taken into hospital and given vit k and within 24hrs it was very low and then I was told next time to miss 2 days when it was 10.1 unfortunatly for me I am on warfarin with anti phose lipids and lupus with a multitude of other medical problems so my consultants are very careful with the way they treat me . Hope you get sorted soon , but definatly see your GP

  • If you have APS, and particularly, are high Lupus anti-coagulant (LAC) positive, your INR readings may be unreliable. The antibodies on you blood can interact with the testing agents. You should be double-checked with a Factor II or Chromogenic Factor X

  • Hi Gopher,

    I see you joined us yesterday so I wonder if you are diagnosed with our illness here?

    I am Lupus Anticoagulant (LA) positive with high titres and selftest and the difference between the two readings (fingerprick- and vein-tests) are always the same but a bit bigger if the INR is very high.

    Could you explain what you are talking of here please.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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