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Migraines Back & Calf pain

Hi I've had a migraine for 2 days now and calf pain! I'm very confused and the memory is failing! I'm back on strict regiment with my shots, but maybe I did some damage by forgetting here and there when my hubby was getting radiation and chemotherapy everyday!!! I have early morning cardiologist appt! So I'll c then what he says! My bp was hi yesterday and I felt like top of my head wud blow off! Red face and threw up! I'm upset cuz I forget and people think I'm not listening to them! I just am off my game now! Any suggestions! I hope this is not one of my mont log migraines and had TIA's that showed on CAT SCAN ONE WAS WORSE THAT THE OTHER!!!

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Set alarm for "Lovenox injection" on your phone.🍀


Id probably go to see the gp to get the calf pain checked as soon as. Any swelling? May be a dvt.


Hi Deb,

I agree with Wittycjt!

Find a way to be sure you take your anticoagulation in time.

Good Luck with the Cardiologist!



I believe Sharper Image makes a fancy pillbox that you can program to play a song and open the compartment when it's time to take a certain pill. Different medications taken on different schedules can all be programmed with their individual songs. Pricey perhaps but kind of cute.


Thx for ur replies! I'm back on target with the injections! The alarm is good idea tho! Thx you all for ur replies! GODSPEED

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Well done. MaryF


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