Migraines Back & Calf pain

Hi I've had a migraine for 2 days now and calf pain! I'm very confused and the memory is failing! I'm back on strict regiment with my shots, but maybe I did some damage by forgetting here and there when my hubby was getting radiation and chemotherapy everyday!!! I have early morning cardiologist appt! So I'll c then what he says! My bp was hi yesterday and I felt like top of my head wud blow off! Red face and threw up! I'm upset cuz I forget and people think I'm not listening to them! I just am off my game now! Any suggestions! I hope this is not one of my mont log migraines and had TIA's that showed on CAT SCAN ONE WAS WORSE THAT THE OTHER!!!

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  • Set alarm for "Lovenox injection" on your phone.🍀

  • Id probably go to see the gp to get the calf pain checked as soon as. Any swelling? May be a dvt.

  • Hi Deb,

    I agree with Wittycjt!

    Find a way to be sure you take your anticoagulation in time.

    Good Luck with the Cardiologist!


  • I believe Sharper Image makes a fancy pillbox that you can program to play a song and open the compartment when it's time to take a certain pill. Different medications taken on different schedules can all be programmed with their individual songs. Pricey perhaps but kind of cute.

  • Thx for ur replies! I'm back on target with the injections! The alarm is good idea tho! Thx you all for ur replies! GODSPEED

  • Well done. MaryF

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