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No relief for Mouth Ulcers!

Hi I'm on Lovenox shots now instead of Warfarin! I've been so busy taking care of sick hubby with cancer and handicapped son , sometimes I forget my shot! I'm back on track now, but was getting bad headaches and bad leg calf pain so I got scared and back giving my shots everyday again!!! I'd remember when I got robbed, had this stupid lovely leg off and too tired to get up, put leg back on and take shot!!! The leg pain gone, the headaches not, and I problem left myself open to infection with mouth ulcers for 6 weeks now! Acyclovir won't help my dentist oral surgeon says! It's not that type of ulcer! Nothing really helps so I get use to it! Just another day filled with pain! It's ok, if I woke up without pain, I think I may be dead!!! Lol... I feel alive cuz it's been throughout my life! As Lady GaGa says Baby I was born this way!!! Lol... privately My Favorite Theme Song!!! Hope your all well across the Pond! The world has gone DAFT!!! We need to care more about one and other! We do why can't they!!!! GODSPEED to Beloved UK!!!

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