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Llepz treatment and APS

Hi guys, don't know what to do...i got diagnosed with aps post a stroke almost 9 years I have to a llepz procedure (a larger biosopy than the initial one) and I was looking up what the procedure entails...and there was a lady who had haemorrhage after it... it really freaked me out, what are the risks associated with llepz, and more to the point, what are risk of having aps and llepz? If anyone would answer that would be great...thanks

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Sorry, lletz procedure, #autocorrect😌


Hi, first of all I'm sorry you need to have this procedure done. I'm afraid we can't give you any advice about individual gyny procedures. Everyone will react differently so you should not listen to stories and scare yourself. What you do need to do is make sure your Hughes specialist gets in contact with your gyny team who are going to perform the procedure and have discussed you and what your condition will require from the point of view of clots.

If you don't have a Hughes specialist I strongly advise you to postpone the procedure until you do and get your GP to organise an urgent referral.

I'm assuming you are on warfarin after your stroke so you will need to be bridged. Again this may require you to be kept in hospital longer after the procedure while they get you bridged back. This is why you need a specialist who can arrange this with your surgeon.

If you need further help finding a specialist please go to our pinned posts (right at the bottom if on a mobile or top right on a laptop) where we have a list.

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Hi APsnotfab,

Thanks for your very prompt reply and I'm sorry for my delayed response. Bridging is the way to go regarding this procedure. I am having it done on the 19th of July. Really nervous as I have never been bridged before, but hopefully it will all be fine. I have spoken to my specialist. I am in their hands now. Thanks again! ☺


Good Luck I'm sure you will be fine. X

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