Ketosis now - tweaking a paleo diet

Ketosis now -  tweaking a paleo diet

I have tried taking Plavix which was to severe. I have been good on Paleo diet no strong green veg. Asparin blood pressure tablets. New doc suggested a trial of Ketosis to help with the demilination. I have SLE APS and MS also have Mitral Valve Prolapse. MS came up in the brain MRI but not serve. I am blonde and yes there was a brain there. This group has been so informative. JUst wondered about good and bad of Ketosis. MY buddy paediatrician said might cause kidney stones ???? But mild Ketosis might be worth trying. ?????

I will be a Guinea Pig lol. I am really good considering I look good feel good most of the time just want to slow the body down from damaging itself.

I enjoy every day do some fantastic things and love my life.

THere is always someone who is much worse than me. glad of any tips or hints....

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  • Think heading is suppose to say pale"O"

  • Auto spell

  • Sorry about the Auto spell it drives me crazy. Just like finding solutions for sharp pains numbness tinnitus and the rest of the things auto immune diseases do to us. I would be really glad to know if any one out there has mixed a Paleo diet with Ketosis in mind.

  • Magic thank you

  • Quite welcome, you can do this also when you make a responding error💕

  • How are you doing with this type of diet, any tips?

  • What is it

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