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Not all fish oils are the same!

As some of you know I have always been symptom free. That is until I got a different brand of fish oil.. then I developed joint/ heart pain. I tried the new brand for only couple of days then had to be switched back and now feeling fine again. I was surprised this occurred but glad it seems to have passed after switching back. Hope this helps others

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Hi, we are a sensitive lot, at least you know what suits you, and for anybody else reading this, be aware that if you suddenly add in fish oil when on certain anticoagulants your INR could be effected, so always inform your main consultant and GP....


What INR did you have when you got heartpain? Did the INR change after the new fish-oil?



No INR did not change and I have been on fish oil for as long as I have been on warfarin...just changed the brand. I also had this problem another time when my statin was changed


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