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Trying to follow Prof Hunt amongst others on twitter. I am signed up but not sure how to follow and or tweet individuals or participate in discussions. I have been unsuccessful. I thought I would learn as I used it, but have been unsuccessful. I use an iPad any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Please number your posts as you answer. E.g. #1 would be first response, #2 next response and so on. This way I can go back as I need to -to understand and get it right as I alternate between post(s) and twitter- so I can try to learn as I go along. If you know any of the abbreviations used on twitter that would be of help also. Thank you fellow birdies- tweet, tweet. LOL😁

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  • Go to Twitter Help. You can put in any abbreviations you see and they will explain what they mean.

    RT means retweet, so you just literally do that!

    The little arrow on the left means answer including the tweet.

    # anything or word you want to highlight

    Use the@address of anyone you want to include in your tweet.

    Beverly Hunts Twitter address is @bhwords. Just go to the search and type that in then click on it and you will find her. You can then "follow her" which means you will get her tweets in your Twitter chain.

    That should be enough to get you going.

  • Thanks for your rapid response. I am going to try and print this out

  • Success I have a copy from my printer in my hand, thanks again

  • At the side of your question is a list and the top one is Twitter Fame. I am not on Twitter so am also interested, I clicked on there and was asked the question do you want to sign up so I did. Seemed a quick way to get going. I am yet to try it but it seems simple. Shelah.

  • Yeah that's what I thought but I'm not very savvy

  • Well you must of course both follow us for a start! @SBHSS

  • No it's


  • It was late!

  • Good, i just followed you, am @herbsy77

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