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wanting some advice

HI I was wondering if anyone could help me, was looking up the name Dr Eliane Baguley and it lead me to you, interestaly after reading several of your post, my situation is much the same as many of your regarding been told my disease is stable !! when I know its not. Now been referred to Dr Baguley in hull . I just rang to say the appointment I made yesterday to my normal clinic,I wanted to changed and was told that the clinic I have been attending for over six years now is only been held every other week.But basically I would like to know anything about Dr Baguley that would help me understand the reason for the move to her clinic .

Thanks again. Deniseann .Wegners Granulomatosis /autoimmune sufferer

Wishing you all good health

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I believe this doctor does have experience regarding patients with Hughes Syndrome/APS. Have you been tested for this disease?

I enclose some medical papers:



Dr Eliane Baguley is not on our Hughes Specialist list but from what I can see from looking her up is a Rheumatologist. If after seeing her you feel you can recommend her as such please let us know so we can add her to the list after asking her permission.


Yes, we have had other members seeing her successfully for Hughes Syndrome/APS, she is written up on here somewhere. MaryF


Thank you ,will try and find what she wrote if that's ok. De x


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