Here I go thinking again.... anyone else under extreme stress when this diagnosis was on

When I was diagnosed it was when I was covering three other people's jobs and had a leader that was absolutely inadequate. It was holiday season, frustrating family dynamics... developed a headache, blah, blah, blah. Developed stroke was tested for APS, was + and so on. Now I am wondering if this was just lying dormant in my body until I just couldn't take anymore and the coagulants were awakened? Anyone else feel this way? I am always wondering what brought this to the surface. I should explain I had had a TIA 28 years ago with the pregnancy of my son. That passed after delivery... he was born approx a month early and was healthy. For 28 years nothing ( no symptoms) then h-E-l-l-O, above.

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  • I think it does, pregnancy, stress also air travel

  • I'm sure it is a contributing factor. I was diagnosed whilst doing IVF. Left on aspirin 75mg for 7 years with no events. Had very similar experience of work stress and long haul flight over a 4 week period and bam TIA in work and called ambulance on myself.

    Luckily no major ramifications except change to warfarin and adding a cholesterol tablet for good measure.

    Now going through a similar work situation in another shop. Blood pressure went sky high last week due to the pressure. So scared it will happen again so now treating the stress blood pressure with tablets to try to protect myself.

    Good luck

  • Get the high bloodpressure down and the INR stable and high enough!

    Wish you Good Holidays!

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • The Professionals say we need a "trigger" and you have named good examples.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Those of us who have a predisposition to Hughes (maybe one day they will find a gene) will carry that until as has been said there is a major stressor to the body, it could be a physical, mental, or infectious stress but it is one that then pushes the bodies autoimmune system that little bit too far so that predisposition that we may have shows up. I believe this is the case for many diseases not just Hughes. Cancer is one that often comes in this way. Others will argue that they were fit and well with no stress in their life when they were struck down but everyone's idea of stress is different plus there are hidden pathogens that they may not have known they were exposed to. Whatever it is the tipping point but we don't have a crystal ball ..... Yet!!

  • Yes I too had TIA 4 month after birth of my son! Had hi blood pressure in last 2 months and had him 3 weeks early! Had my first blood clot at age 24 in my lung and several blood clots soon after that, in my legs! Lots of medical illnesses throughout my life! Doc think had all my life! Just at all these times APS EASNT EVEN A KNOWN DISEASE! Very sickly as a child! Always in and out of hospitals, but came out without a diagnosis!!!

  • My mother passed away this time last year after a stroke. She had been on warfarin following a stroke 18 months earlier. Her funeral was just before Christmas. The period between her last stroke and then death was 12 days, and those days were the most difficult as her palliative care in a nursing home wasn't the best. I fully believe the stress associated with this caused the trigger to have the jugular DVT 6 weeks later and eventual APS diagnosis. I had been on very low dose HRT for over 10 years with no issue.

  • I think you are all right ,severe stress is definately a contributary factor. I have definately felt worse since my mother became ill and died,i used to travel 120 miles twice a week do her shopping and all the rest when she was in hospital.

  • Caught my attention when read this.I have APS too and other auto immune diseases but last year n this have had involuntary movements and can't walk due to trippy jerking walking on right side.saw neurologist yesterday and he reckons it's biggest stress was bereavement of my mother 6 years ago but his answer doesn't seem plausible due to my now disability . I feel I am insulting my two sisters if this is the case and NOW it's stressing me.

  • Did you at last see your Specialist Neurologist and he said your symptoms was stress related? Was it 6 weeks in hospital and now you have been waiting for treatment.............

    So what did he suggest? Now you have to see a Specialist of APS, or .....?


  • No he couldn't comment on APS as not qualified but said he referring me to a psychotherapist. I am baffled.I have had different stress in my life and not ended up disabled by it so am confused

    Yes I was in hospital a month and have been home over three months now

  • I know 3 months ago you said that you were waiting for a Top Neurologist at Sheffield hospital (this after 7 weeks in hospital and they did not find anything) and after that, if that did not work, be referred to prof Hughes at St Thomas.

    Instead he wants to refer you to a psycohtherapist!!!

    What are you going to do about it?


  • No rheumatologist said I had to wait til seen this neurologist at Sheffield before he would send me to St Thomas.Think I am being sent round in circles.See my rheumatologist in February and sees what he says

  • Why do not give him a call and ask to be referred to St Thomas where there are Specialists even if prof Hughes does not take patients any more.

    I have understood that you have been promised this from a Doctor at the hospital or .......... Do not let them loose you another time.

    Good Luck and let us hear how it goes for you please.


  • Apologies... I forgot to explain that after the birth of my son I wasn't on any precautions, meds or otherwise. Although when I was pregnant with him my sister was causing me a lot of stress... maybe that was why the TIA, warning. At that time I don't think they knew about Hughes disease or it was just evolving🤔

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