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Hi, over the summer I have been having a headache nearly every day and taking paracetamol which has eased them most times, with a few migraines thrown in, but am feeling so tired lately, and have no energy - have seen my haematologist and he's referred me to neurology to get checked over - any advice of good medication or help gratefully received, thank you

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  • Forgot to mention I keep feeling dizzy but It's not like vertigo but just can't explain how it feels to the doctor, does anyone else suffer like this?

  • Joanneg6 im sorry you are feeling so rough. I can't understand why if you had a stroke at 32 plus miscarriages and problem pregnancies they have only put you on Asprin! No wonder you feel better when you inject when you fly!

    The migraines and headaches to me are a symptom that is telling you your blood is still too sticky and personally I would be going to an APS specialist on the approved list. I don't know if your Heamatologists is but if not ask your GP for a referral as its time for a change I think.

  • If also say don't go to Neurologist much better off seeing a proper APS specialist.

  • Hi, you need to be seeing a specific specialist who understands Hughes Syndrome/APS I am presuming you have been properly tested for this, let us know where you are so we can help with finding you the right medical professional, which will not only help you, but also your GP. MaryF

  • Thanks so much for your replies, I am in Stockport so any help much appreciated

  • NHS Specialists

    Professor Imelda Bates

    Consultant Haematologist

    Royal Liverpool Hospital

    Prescott Street, Liverpool

    Merseyside L7 8XP

    Telephone: 01517 0643

    Professor Ian Bruce

    Rheumatology Clinical Lead

    The Kellgren Centre of Rheumatology

    Manchester Royal Infirmary

    Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9WL

    Telephone: 0161 276 4357

    Dr Feroza Darwood

    Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology

    Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

    Liverpool Women's Hospital

    Crown Street, Liverpool

    MerseysideL8 7SS

    Telephone: 01517 089988

    Professor Charles Hay

    Consultant Haematologist

    Department of Haematology

    Manchester Royal Infirmary

    Oxford Road, MachesterM13 9WL

    Telephone: 01612 764801

    Dr Rachel Gorodkin

    Consultant Rheumatologist

    Department of Rheumatology

    Manchester Royal Infirmary

    Oxford Road, MachesterM13 9WL

    Telephone: 01612 761234

    Professor Vanessa Martlew

    Consultant Haematologist

    Department of Haematology

    Royal Liverpool University Hospital

    Prescot Street, Liverpool

    MerseysideL7 8XP

    Telephone: 01517 064322

    Dr StephenMcKew

    Consultant Haematologist

    Department of Blood Sciences


    Chester Hospital

    Liverpool Road

    Cheshire CH2 1UL

    Telephone: 01244 365000

    Dr Andrew Will

    Clinical Director

    Deparment of Paediatric Hematology

    Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

    Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9WL

    Telephone: 0161 7018416


  • Thanks so much, have GP appointment on Friday so will ask for a referral then, I feel an awful lot better with all the support I have received today, thanks again, I'll keep you informed x

  • I am glad that you have got two very good answers.

    I suggest you read "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray. Also cheque your blood pressure as it must not stay too high with APS.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I'm sorry you're suffering. These symptoms do seem to be typical APS symptoms when you're not properly anticoagulated.

    I'm seeing an APS specialist in November (my rheumy retired) who is in Liverpool so not to far from you. Her name is Prof Martlew and is recommended on the Hughes Syndrome Website. It sounds like you need a referal quickly from your GP to an APS expert.

    Good luck X

  • Thanks so much, got an appointment on Friday with GP so hopefully get a referral

  • Been to GP who has confirmed she will be referring me to an APS Specialist, I cannot thank you enough for all your help 😀

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