Back from Honkers!

Back from Honkers!

Some odd things happened while I was away. I generally felt well and we did a lot of walking (averaging 20k steps each day) but on the last day I developed a rash on both lower legs (pic is of my beautiful leg:) )which on looking closer were Petechiae. Because I wore sneakers while walking the rash was only above the sock line and to the knee. It wasn't itchy or causing any problems and is resolving nicely on its own. The other thing was splinter haemorrhages under my pointer finger nail only. This was very painful and had me a bit worried as I've had a finger on that hand amputated and I didn't want to lose another one! Normally the Raynaud's is under control in the warmer weather and the only thing I can think of was the constant change from warm outside to cold aircon in and out of buildings and trains.

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  • The betechiae u must tell ur physician! It has to do with the blood clotting disorder! My friend has a blood disorder and she has that! Is it clearing up or staying? I don't wana scare you cuz it can be resolved it's just a side effect of something with blood! It's important u speak with ur doctor! I'm not sure, but recall it happened to my friend! I'm not a medical doctor so the best is to get in touch with ur doc! Good luck!!! Godspeed!

  • I had a similar rash which is how I was first diagnosed with APS. Best get it checked out. I know I was on antihistamine for nearly a year as it could be tied up with your auto immune system. Glad you had a good trip.

  • I had the same thing after walking around London. I had swelling and bruising as well as the rash.

    My doc said that I had ruptured a vein, injuries of athletes, lol.

    The result of poor blood having to work too hard.

    Took about a week to disappear.

    I am glad you had a fab time 😊

  • I wouldn't worry about the rash too much. It should disappear after a few days. One thing that might prevent it happening is wearing below knee support the ones you wear when you go on a flight. I wear them every day.

  • I'm surprised the airline allowed you to fly! Normally they won't if they spot that. Please report it to your APS doctor as I'm sure they will want to do blood tests.

    Glad your trip went well.

  • Bit hard to spot when I was wearing long pants! :) The rash has pretty much disappeared and I think it was the heat and fluid retention. My lower legs were very 'tight' at the time and has settled back to normal after a couple of days at home. I have a request from the haematologist which I have to get this week so I'll see what happens.

    The splinter haemorraghes are more my worry because if an ulcer develops chance are more hospital time and another amputation.

  • Hi Ozchick. I have SLE and APS and my legs are often mostly covered in the sort of rash you show and describe. Mine was diagnosed as vasculitis and was very painful. I'm only mentioning this to urge you not to take it lightly, but to be aware should it return.


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