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INTERESTING article- Viral Mediated Immune Dysfunction causing hypercoaguable state

I am constantly researching, trying to find out as much as I can about the body and this crazy illness. I came across this very interesting article and thought I would share. It mentions viruses as a precipitating factor to autoimmune hyper coagulation. It doesn't specifically mention Hughes but does mention an "anti phospholipid syndrome". I have consistently tested positive for one of the three viruses mentioned (cytomegalovirus) and have ever since 2008.

Not sure if anyone else has history of viral infections but could be a piece of the puzzle.

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Mycoplasma and also Glandular Fever have featured in our family plus a host of others, thanks for putting this on. MaryF


I have also had mycoplasma and glandular fever (Epstein Barr Virus) and Prof Hughes is certain that the EB Virus triggered my APS.



My elder brother had mycoplasma and glandular fever. Thanks for this mention!


I got a triple whammy: Nearly died of chickenpox ( cytomegalovirus) when I was four, diagnosed with mono a.k.a. glandular fever seven times in 14 years, and a nice strong case of mycoplasma pneumonia right out of college. I must have all kinds of nasty buggers hiding under my fibrins.


Glad you made it! I believe it is the way you say in English when you are glad that you are still with us (still living).

Regards from a very windy Stockholm.



I had a bad summer when I was 4: mumps, both kinds of measles and then chicken pox -- one after the other. Wham, wham, wham, wham. When I was back on the couch again with chicken pox watching TV I must have fallen asleep. I dreamed that these creatures were trying to drag me under the coffee table (which had a lower shelf not 1 inch above the floor. I somehow knew that if they pulled me under there I was going to die. So I tried to ask for help --(Mom was in the kitchen) but I couldn't move. I struggled and struggled and finally made a sound.

Mom was in the kitchen -- not just in my dream. And she heard me make a strange gasping sound. She rushed in and, despite my being on aspirin to control my fever, she found me to be very hot. She picked me up, stripped me down and took me to the bath tub while yelling for my sister to phone my father -- who was a doctor working in an office only a block away.

Father came, wiped me down with rubbing alcohol, and I recall opening my eyes to see my terrified parents asking if I was OK. They realized I had hallucinated when I answered "Yeah. I'm find -- 'cos I'm not under the coffee table." I remember they looked at each other and then laughed in relief.

So . . . when my "time" comes -- will I picture myself being drug under a coffee table?

-- from a very hot and humid West Virginia.

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Lure 2 , yes that is how you say it in English. Ha ha ha! I appreciate your whimsy.


I appreciate this article because I have had Lymes twice, each time with the bullseye and I really believe this helped trigger my hyper coagulation problem. I believe they will finally find this to be a bigger problem than they suspect.Thanks again. Be well or at least better🤓


What is glandular fever, never heard of this in the states, we probably call it something else. Please educate me. Thanks, Cindy in NJ, US


Glandular fever is what we in the States call mono.


Yes, glandular fever is mono. Mono typically refers to EBV (Ebstein Barr Virus) but you can see similar symptoms with cytomegalovirus. Also, HHV6 is Human Herpes Virus 6 which is genital herpes.

All three of these viruses are in the "herpes" family.

When you think about it, there are SO MANY drugs out there for bacterial infections, but with viruses, the current theory is that they are self limiting and resolve without meds and there isn't much to be done.

But research shows that HPV can lead to cervical cancer and EBV to lymphoma.

Thankfully my dr has a special interest in viruses and has been working with me to somehow drive my CMV into dormancy.

All of these viruses are easily tested with a simple blood test.


I wish when using abbreviations that people would write out what they mean in parenthesis. We should start a pin upper right, just to add the abbreviations as a booknote


I try to be pretty good with less common abbreviations, but not for one's like HPV since that's a pretty common one. But for EBV and CMV I write those out. I'm in the medical field so sometimes I forget to put in laymens terms


Sorry forgot to say thank you.. thank you💙


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