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Hi for those of us in the UK, if you have that spare minute, go on NHS Choices and rate the services you use, easy to make a profile, you do NOT have to use your real name. For every service I use, I try and leave feedback, luckily most of it is good, and as I write my reviews I do mention Hughes Syndrome/APS Sticky Blood/Antiphospholipid Syndrome etc.

I might add if I ever needed to, and have in the past, also given detailed feedback if the service has not been good. The Care Quality Commission do trawl through feedback when they look at facilities! I lose track of the amount of feedback we get behind the scenes where people are not happy with how they are being treated either by the GP service or Hospital, so if you feel happy or unhappy. Use the service, it is good for NHS staff to hear good feedback when they are doing their best, and also of course if a service needs to improve! MaryF

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Yes good advice and I will just add here that sometimes if you have a particularly bad experience and leave a detailed review, you may find it being rejected on the grounds that the comments are too serious and you need to make a formal complaint. Personally I don't agree with this approach as I feel that perhaps they are trying to keep things out of the public eye, on the other hand it may be a fail safe system to make sure that things that need to be reported get reported - I just don't know. If that happens to you please do write to the Hospitals PALS service. You can always go back and write a more watered down review with key points like "didn't listen to me" etc


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