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Another trip to hospital

I know I am daft but I do get ahead of myself and think my Hughes is controlled and then the uncontrolable element of the beast raises its ugly head and it shocks me every time. Another duh moment yesterday.

GP got me in an ambulance cos of chest pain and breathlessness. All blood tests, x rays, brain scan and ECG's came back ok.Admitted to ward to have blood test recheck done but then told I could go home without recheck test being done. The pain did get better with an angina spray but they said it may not be angina as this spray would help people with sticky blood anyway. They are retesting me for lupus as they think this is very likely the cause of the chest pain.

Today I feel like so weak just like I get following these episodes.

School starts Monday and I just hope I can cope.

Is angina common with Hughes?

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I think it is but not qualified enuf to say so! I had to look at this post that you wrote very carefully because I thought I wrote it! I too went to hospital 2 days ago with aches and pains plus chest pain! Wen I told them I had chest pain the nurse actually told me not to say that cuz then I'll need more testing so I shut my mouth! I actually think my chest pain was from throwing up, but did have 2 coronary bypasses in my past, but was so sick I listens to nurse to avoid further testing! Not funny although at the time I thought I got out of something I didn't want especially when I came in my heart reare was bradying down! It's usually have a fast heart rate and take meds to slow it down!!! Lucky for me that day I couldn't swallow anything/o bringing back up again! Therefore wen my pulse was in lo 40's I shud have let them do whatever! I hope you r well soon and I'm sure Mary will answer ur question! From wat I've read it's common with APS, but not an expert as the others are!!! Good luck and Godspeed!!!


Thank you, you too.x.

I usually avoid going to the hospital but these chest pains are now too often and too bad to ignore. I was almost relieved GP took it out of my hands. I also worry about the number of brain ct scans I have had but was told yesterday that they strongly advised it because my face had dropped and my speech went again.


HI, remind me are you under a designated Hughes Syndrome/APS specialist?  It is crucial to have that input, it is true that Lupus can cause chest pain, had it myself several times, including Pericarditis.  With symptoms like that it is important to get checked regularly and with great detail.   MaryF


Hi Mary ~ yes am with a local rheumatologist and St Thomas'. Seeing rheumy next month.


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