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No gallstones but thickening of the gall bladder wall

Can I have some advice, only had 1 attack of gall bladder symptoms which lasted 5 hrs , good news no gall stones found on ultra sound but gallbladder thickened wall , was looking for advice, eg get gall bladder removed or should I wait until another attack , going to see my GP on Tuesday, obviously I have aps and taking warfarin so obviously don't won't unnecessary removal or will things like diet will help it from recurring

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Both me and my husband have had our gallbladders removed and my son had a gallstone a few years ago - very common condition. But if you need advice you really need to speak to your GP.

As to surgery on warfarin, I have had operations whilst on it - normally you stop the warfarin a few days before then inject heparin before and after the surgery until your inr goes back within range. But this will all be arranged for you beforehand.


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