Hi I am going to see haematology at hallamshire hospital on 9th July she ment to know all about APS so I may be getting some where iv been in a lot of pain this last month my left side my leg and my arm and bad head my doctors upend my meds now and now iv got a letter got a hospital appointment on 16th July at Calderdale hospital for a Electromyography as any one elis had one of them is so can you let me know wot it's like I am also seeing a counsellor now cos think have not been good over last few years losing my dad and brother then me having a stroke and having to give up work when I was use to doing 13 hours shifts and allway on the go and now if I try do a bit of cleaning up it lays me up for a few day so been getting me down so need think to look up for me thanks for listening

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  • Hi there, sorry things are so rough, glad you have an up and coming appointment, do write it down in bullet points all the history and the things bothering you, so you get the most out of the appointment, also make sure they look at your levels of Vitamin D, B12 and Iron also your Thyroid as if any of that is not right, you will feel very much worse. MaryF

  • Thank yes iv been getting lots of mouth ulcers and to day had a bad head all day taking my temp it was 35.65 billion lower then that this morning feel as if I got a bad hangover with out the drink it's not gone from yesterday but I will do a dairy be four I go to the hospital thanks and let you know how I get on x

  • I had a problem with the mouth ulcers until I started making a ranch salad dressing with live culture buttermilk. You have to use it on a regular basis for a while, but once the flora in my mouth became balanced, I did not get the ulcers. Live culture yogurt would work, too.

  • Sorry I don't like think like that I am very fussy in wot I eat and a poor eater too but thanks

  • Hi Lesley,

    Sounds good that you are going to see a doctor who knows about APS.

    Hope you will be well anticoagulated now. I have not done that Electromyography. I wish you good luck!

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • My INR been good now for last few months now thanks will let you know how I go on with it xx

  • Good. Thank you!


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