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Heart rate


Has anyone suffered with an extremely fast heart rate. I have had this several times and was admitted one of them, where Bloods showed a high rate of troponin which is an enzyme showing that the heart has had some type of episode.

Nothing has been arranged to see a cardiologist and I had an attack a night ago which woke me up and I couldn't move.

I have had two strokes this year.

I am currently taking 24mg of Warfarin and I am having venous testing as capillary testing was given off a false reading. My last reading was 1.0 !

I am seeing an APS specialist at St Thomas on 15 January and I'm hoping she will be able to answer most of question

Many thanks

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Yes, I do hope she will help you as it is quite unacceptable to have had two strokes this year, APS and such a low INR most of the time.

I Think you should not wait till January 15 if your INR is very low. You should have help with the INR before that date.

When you see the APS-Specialist have all questions written down. Take your time. Also if you have bloodtests done earlier take a copy with you and a short story of what has happened earlier as to other doctors and drugs. Two strokes this year!!

Please let us hear how it goes for you and Good Luck on January 15!

Kerstin in Stockholm

When I reread your question I think you should go to an Emergency-clinic at once! No I have not had fast heartbeats as I am on Betablockers for high bloodpressure.


I have had a fast heart rate all my life and I'm pretty sure mine has nothing to do with APS and more to do with all those antibiotics my TB recovered Mom gave me when I was growing up. I have not treated the fast rate yet, but as I age my doctor has suggested that eventually I should start a heart regulating med like topo ax.

Good luc k, and yes, I agree that you should try for an earlier consultation.


Lure2 in reply to GinaD

Hi Gina,

What does TB stand for please?

They talk here on TV about the bad stormy weather around Texas and other States. Is it OK in St Albans?


GinaD in reply to Lure2

Tuberculosis. My mom was one of the first to curr on antibiotics.

Our weather has been safe but scarry crazy with temps in the 70s F. We have a lot of rain but so far only minor flooding.

Hi Danni33. Yes I do. I was admitted into casualty (observation) with a heart rate of 186 beats per minute at the beginning of December. I felt really ill. Also with pain in my jaw and between my shoulder blades. I alreay take beta blockers for arrythymia and they used these to very gradually stabilise my heart rate. It took 6 hours. I already have aortic insufficiency (a leaking heart valve) but they gave me a further diagnosis of Hemodynamic Angina after this last espisode. I have an appointment on the 11th of Jan to see what can be done. When I find out more I'll let you know.

Interestingly, my INR was 3.3 and the doctor on duty in observation felt that the attack was more likely related to my previous stroke and TIA's and not the level of my INR. He said that electrical messages that the brain sends to the heart can become confused when someone has a history of TIA's or strokes, depending which part of the brain has been affected. For a doctor in casualty he was very well informed!! He also recommended that if this should happen again to take 2 of my prescribed beta blockers and to get to casualty as soon as possible.

I will be very interested to see what your Doctor at Tommies says. Let me know won't you? These episodes are very frightening. Don't be put off if you feel ill go straight to A & E.

Love from here InSpain. xxx

Ps: PM me if you want a chat. xxx

Danni33 in reply to InSpain

Many thanks for kind reply. I will keep you informed about my appointment


MaryFAdministrator in reply to InSpain

They will confirm that you are of course 'Wonder Woman' at your next appointment! MaryF

InSpain in reply to MaryF

Well either Wonder Woman, or Wierd Woman!!!! 😆 xxx

MaryFAdministrator in reply to InSpain

No, definitely her: youtube.com/watch?v=IhktTPg...


InSpain in reply to MaryF



I hope your appointment goes well, let us know what they say, and best of luck. If this happens in the meantime, I would go to hospital. MaryF

This is not a diagnosis but a hr >100 and elevated Trop could be a PE

Hi Danni hope you went to the accident and emergency department, if I had symptoms like you have been having I wouldn't think twice about calling an ambulance, hope you have managed to get it sorted out xxxx

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