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Trigeminal neuralgia and hughes syndrome


Recently I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, my question is if it is posibile to be a connection between Hughes syndrome and trigeminal neuralgia, and if someone has this.

I'm not sure I whether or not if I have Hughes syndrome because I have a positive blood test of lupus anticoagulant and a negative one.

I will repeat it these days, if I get negative means that I don't have Hughes syndrome?

For 4 years I have migraines with aura without headache but lately they have become much more frequent, even twice a week. In the same period appeard NT. This year I had also a miscarrige at 6 weeks.

For the moment I take baby aspirin for hughes and carbamazepine for TN.

Thank you and sorry for my English :)

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Hello there and welcome. For me personally I do think there is a connection but there has not been any proper studies done on this or even with Migraine and it is something that needs to be done. I have a trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia called Hemicraina Continua. When I tried changing my dose of Heparin it brought all my symptoms back of my HC. As soon as I went back to my normal dose it all settled down. This was much to the surprise of my neurologist as he had never used an anticoagulant to suppress symptoms before!

Please be aware that you can be seronegative and still have Hughes Syndrome. If you are not happy with what you are being told after your second set of tests seek out an APS specialist who is more likely to do a trial of anticoagulants as only then will you really know if it will work to suppress your symptoms as that is the real test.

Good Luck.


Hi autoimmune disease can appear with B12 deficiency, and with any autoimmune disease, please note this article, I also always encourage our member to check their B12 as well as iron, you do not have to have low iron in order to have low B12 although they can often occur together.

Martyn Hooper's book is a good read, and I heard him speak at The Thyroid UK Conference, he is not a doctor but he speaks well and knows his subject inside out.



Hi Crif,

My daughter has both Trigeminal Neuralgia and Hughes (as well as Sjogrens, Thyroid etc). She is prescribed Pregabalin for the Trigeminal Neuralgia.



I have a definite diagnosis of Hughes syndrome and I also suffer with trigeminal neuralgia. I wouldn't like to say that there is a link but I feel that there is something in the body chemistry that perhaps increases the risk of it

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I have it too x


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