are you aware?

.. that Mr R Withrington Consultant Rheumatologist covering South East England has now retired, ?? my first and only appointment with him was on the day he retired . I have an appointment with another Dr. but im not sure if he has taken over from Dr W? by the way he prescribed planequil 200mgs daily which I have now been taking for 13 weeks I must say I am feeling a little better, although I still have bad tired days and fogginess I will mention this, at my next appointment (today 3:45) wish me luck.

regards Rose (Kent)

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  • Hi Rose

    No, we weren't made aware of this and thanks so much for letting us know.

    Would you recommend the other doctor you saw? I can write to them and ask if they'd like to be included in the list if you could let me have their name please.

    Thanks again.


  • Hi Kate I am seeing Dr Bali ( him/her) this afternoon at kent and Canterbury .

  • Thanks Rose - do let us know how you get on with them and whether you would recommend them as an APS specialist. Hope it goes well :)

  • Thank you for letting us know, I am sure Kate H will add the new doctor to the list of recommended specialists once it is clear if they have the whole picture with Hughes Syndrome/APS, thanks again. MaryF

  • Hello again Dr F Bali was who I saw today, and he was most helpful . I now know that I have Sjogrens, and I am on Planequil 200mgs, he has increased the dose to 400mgs to help with my symptoms h(e also told me I was taking Warfarin for my Hughes , so now things are a little clearer. I go back in 6 months . I did mention my memory loss short term, he did say that it may be due to my stroke in 2012. he suggested I see my gp to get advice .

  • That's really good news Rose :) I hope the increase in Plaquenil helps your symptoms.

    I will definitely write to Dr Bali and ask if he'd like to be included in our directory. Could you please let me know which hospital he's working at?

    Thank you,


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