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Remedies for Headaches?

Hi, I'm 17 years old. I've been having headaches since I was 12 years old. As I get older they get worse. For the past 6 months the left side of my head and neck have been in sharp pain. It causes sensitivity to light and I get very dizzy. I usually put a heating pad on the head and it reduces the pain, but doesn't go away completely. Ibuprofen used to work, now it doesn't do anything for me. Been to several doctors and they can't find anything wrong. Does anyone know what else know what I could do to make this pain go away?

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Welcome to this Forum for APS (Huges Syndrome)

Where do you live? As you are on this site now i guess you have thought that perhaps you have got APS. It could be APS perhaps.

Important to speak to a doctor who knows this illness ( a Specialist) as so very few doctors know it has to do with too thick blood and that we need to be enough and well anticoagulated to feel well.

Look at

Please let us hear how you manage.

Kerstin in Stockholm


Hi there, sorry about your headaches, firstly this is a forum for Hughes Syndrome/APS and if you or your relatives suspect you have Hughes Syndrome/APS it is easy to do the blood tests. As really you need to clarify that diagnosis. So please do talk to your GP if you think you have this disease or any other family member might have it.

Please also note that there is a very good forum on this HU platform for migraines, called The National Migraine Centre, who not only have good appointments available via their charity, for solving migraine problems, but also have many members on there with chronic headaches. If you are not having a diagnosis of Hughes Syndrome, that would probably be a more appropriate forum for you

If you do have Hughes Syndrome/APS then you would need to see one of our recommended specialists. This is something you would need to discuss with your own GP. I hope you get to the bottom of things. MaryF

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Hi, I have a similar problem to go with my other medical issues. I collapsed and was taken into hospital where same as you nobody knew what it was until I was put on a ward and an older doctor realised straight away what it was as he had the exact same problem in medical school. Basically because of the way I carried my heavy school bags and the way I held my posture my neck was out of alignment slightly causing pressure on the base of my skull and neck. He recommended Physio and massage to release the extremely tight muscles which were causing the pull out of alignment. I had very light head neck and shoulder massage 3 days after which although painful did help. I had a couple whilst waiting for Physio and I found after 4 my headaches etc had dropped drastically.

I know this might sound a bit strange but I'm larger busted and the doc said this was adding to the pulling on the neck do I wonder if you have this issue as well.

Hope you get sorted.



You have not answered. I wonder if you have been on this site before with your headache? We have had some questions before about sharp pain from one side of the head and the person has not answered when we have tried to help.

I am not sure you are that person but I think you should answer as we are trying to help you. This is a site for APS (Hughes Syndrome) and headaches can have so many causes. We ask you in what country you live to help you better. I live in Stockholm but as I have APS I want to inform myself and also try to help if I can. Our Admin Mary gave you some very good alternatives also.

Why are you "hidden"? I think you had a name when you started yesterday? Am I wrong? I can not remember I have answered on "hidden" yesterday. Could you please explain.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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