INR and hot weather

Hi there peeps! I wanted to know if the recent hot weather in the uk will affect my inr levels and if so, whether it will raise or lower them? I work in a primary school and there are some trips coming up (mostly outdoors) so I'd like to know what to look out for. I also have undifferentiated connective tissue disorder, so I have to wear factor 50 sunscreen! Thanks


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  • Cannot recall the question ever being raised.

    Very difficult to answer positively but as I have moved between UK low and Greek highs temps many times over the years, I've never had the slightest suspicion that there have been any changes due to weather. In the last ten years or so I have self-tested so should (perhaps) have noticed, and in May was in 25-25 degrees and was fairly stable.

    If anything I would have thought any danger that might arise would be indirect if one became dehydrated.

  • Hello

    I cannot recall this question being asked before, either.

    I once raised it with my haematologist and he said, no, heat makes no difference to INR.


  • Thanks, that's reassured me.

  • I remember Professor Hunt mentioning at our last patient's day event at St Thomas' that even somebody without APS/Hughes Syndrome is at risk of clotting if not drinking enough and remaining hydrated so it does give us all a bit of a clue. It was said regarding athletes and marathons. MaryF

  • Here in my state it can get beastly hot in the summer. I remain stable, but then I "drink by the clock" as my diagnosing hematologist advised years ago. I add more gulps of water - or Gatorade if I'm perspiring a lot -- if I'm hiking or exercising.

    I find that a change in sun exposure can raise my INR a tad, but not the heat if I stay hydrated.

  • I don't recall a connection between heat and my INR. I do get dehydrated very easily and always keep Gatorade on hand. I also get very nauseous on hot days so my doctor suggested taking Ginger supplements.

  • I have been told by a number of my Dc's to stay out of the sun - no sun directly on my skin -- but I have a number of problems that the sun effects -- long sleeve shirts and long pants , no shorts and a hat at all times in the sun .

  • I have APS and Undifferenciated ixed Connective Tissue Disorders...I live in the US and find that I feel dreadful when I get Rheumatologist says it probably is connected to "sticky blood" in some way...did not mention any tests available

  • Thank you, I went on school trip yesterday when it was very hot. I took a parasol which helped keep the sun off, but have payed for it today with headaches and fatigue! I do struggle working with these disorders, does it affect you with work too?


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