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Microscopic hematuria--anyone have it?


Since being diagnosed with APS and Factor V Leiden by a hematologist a year and a half ago after having DVT several times, I joined this website and have learned a lot from the members. It was explained to me by my hematologist that these conditions caused the many years of migraines I've suffered with, the miscarriage, and some other conditions.

I'm being treated for other conditions which, I don't think are the result of the APS and Factor V.

But, I'm trying to research other things I've had happen throughout my life, and am curious to see if there is a connection.

I was diagnosed with microscopic hematuria many, many years ago, had all the testing to make sure it is a benign condition, which it is. (my son has it too).I was told 20 years ago by the Urologist that it is functional and have probably had it all my life and it is no cause for concern.

And I am sure of that, but , has anyone been diagnosed with this, and can it also be a result of the blood condition.

Just curious--I am not concerned about it, but I find it interesting that the more I read about some conditions I've had all my life, the more I learn that they are a result of it.

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I found this article which I thought was quite interesting. It does mention that the cause in some cases could be the result of an autoimmune condition. google.co.uk/url?sa=t&sourc...

Hi Mozelle,

This illness attacks our whole body. If we are lucky we do not have all the symptoms there are.

Some things like migraine and miscarriage are well known symptoms.

You write that you have trouble with your feet. I think you should read about "APS, SLE and NON-TRAUMATIC metatarsal fractures."

Prof Hughes writes about it in his book "Highways and Byways", Chapter 9.3 Fracture.

My youngest daughter has a fracture in her 2nd metatarsal just now but she does not have APS. She understands these symptoms herself (her occupation) very well and she thinks it is a stress fracture. But it can also be a symptom of APS!

Afterwards I have understood that curious symptoms I had 5 - 10 years before I was tested positive for APS, could be ralated to this illness. But not sure of course.

Good Rheumatologist you have come across, it seams to be!

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

Lure2 in reply to Lure2

I am now answering your message to me as I think it is better that others can see when we write about APS (not private things of course). We learn so much from eachother about symptoms etc.

I am fine. Best to you from me


Hi and welcome

What medication are you on?

I used to get haematuria when I was on Warfarin but not now I'm on Fragmin. The bladder walls are full of small blood vessels and these can easily get damaged by something as simple as leaning over a worktop etc. On people on Warfarin this is an issue that it isn't for most people.


mozelle in reply to Manofmendip

Manofmendip, thank you for responding.

I am only on Warfarin since Sept, 2013--when I had another episode of several DVT's.

The microscopic hematuria was found at least 25 years ago before Warfarin--It always shows up, and now being diagnosed with APS and Factor V Leiden, I was just wondering if this could be another manifestation of it.

I am not concerned about it because everything was ruled out then, but just curious. These blood conditions, as I research on the internet, cause so many things in our bodies that I started looking up anything I was ever diagnosed with to see if there is a connection.

MaryFAdministrator in reply to mozelle

I enclose an article, glad you have had some good feedback it does show up in some patients with Hughes Syndrome/APS. Also other autoimmune disease. cdn.intechopen.com/pdfs-wm/... MaryF

mozelle in reply to MaryF

Hi Mary

I just read part of the article that you recommended, and some of it is really technical, but I got the general idea and read the part of it that stated some people with APS have microscopic hematuria and also high blood pressure which fluctuates. I have 'labile' blood pressure--at times it spikes to a very high number, and all of a sudden it bottoms out. I'm learning more and more about the disease and that I've had so many manifestations of it for so many years without putting it all together until recently when I was diagnosed.


I certainly had lots of migraines before I was anticoagulated.


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