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Am I supposed to have other conditions too?

Hi again, reading the poll it would imply that Hughes doesn't occur on its own very often. I've just been diagnosed and on the whole I feel ok. I work full time and have a packed agenda. Is it likely I'll get another auto immune condition? I've got really bad anxiety over many things mainly down to losing twins last year because of APS. My second cousin has APS, has had it for over 15 years and he's fine, he leads a normal life and rides horses for a living. Am I supposed to feel really bad? Will it get worse?

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Oh please dont worry and NO your not supposed to feel anything! There are people like you who have whats known as primary APS so its not associated with other autoimmune conditions and who dont even get any symptoms or may just get an occasional flare. Secondary APS is when you have another primary condition like autoimmune Thyroid Disease or Sjogrens Syndrome which of course will give you a much higher chance of having symptoms of those other conditions.

It sounds like the genes in your family lean towards the primary APS and hopefully one which is less symptomatic. Enjoy life and dont worry! :-)


Hi there, you may get nothing else and be ok... and better you have the diagnosis. Best wishes to you. Mary F X


HI catesykes

My husband has Primary APS and other than "Sticky Blood" he has no other symptoms. He is on warfarin.

If you are on warfarin just be careful if you have to stop it for some reason, that is when you will have problems. If you are told to stop it and let your INR drop below 2, talk to your specialist or Dr about "bridging".

I have 2 female friends with APS and they only have issues when pregnant, otherwise they lead perfectly normal lives.


Thanks so much for the reassuring responses. It really has been a learning curve in more ways than one! I'm in aspirin and heparin at present as in early stages of pregnancy. I don't know yet what my long term treatment will be as I'm yet to see a specialist. Cate x


Please let us know how things are, and fingers crossed for you! Mary F x


Hi Cate

I'm sorry to hear you lost twins last year; what a blow that was.

It's good you found the above comments informative and reassuring. Congratulations on being pregnant again! This time, you've got your APS diagnosis which is half the battle. With correct care you should expect a healthy baby at full term, so enjoy your pregancy and talk to your baby with zero anxiety. He or she can hear you. Good luck! John.


HI catesykes,

I've been diagnosed fairly recently, and I don't have any other symptoms, so, I think its fine to feel ok!

Hopefully it stays that way for us.

Angie x


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