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Visiting the Dentist

Hi All

I am new to taking Warafin (I suffer with IPAH)

I have read that with mixed information as to what to do re visiting the Dentist i.e. I am probably due an extraction , clean and a filling.

I would be interested to know members experience on what they have done when attending for similar appointments. i.e. Liaising with the Dentist and your Consultant.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.


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Since you describe yourself as having idopathic hypertension I'm assuming you have not been diagnosed with APS?

APS patients on warfarin take the drug for different reasons then do other warfarin patients, so our protocols may differ quite a bit from what would be best for you.

That noted, I will say that for usual dental check -ups and fillings my warfarin doseage is not effected or changed. For major extractions ("major" as in those teeth -- molars -- which have deep roots) I have been bridged to and from warfarin using injectibles.

But again, unless your hypertension has been linked to antiphospholipid syndrome what works or me not work for you.

Have you been tested for APS?



You should tell Your dentist - he/she will decide whether they want to risk an extraction without reducing the risk of bleeding posed by warfarin.


I had a cap replaced this week and cavity cleaned out and consulted my doctor first and the dentist and no change was required in taking or stopping warfarin. I think you should ask your dentist and your doctor who follows your use of warfarin.


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