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Low Blood Pressure?

Hi Everyone -

Over the past few months I have been have episodes where I am light headed, nauseous and dizzy. In the past I have been checked and nurses have remarked about my slow heart rate and low blood pressure but no one has said this is an issue but I feel these symptoms are from that. I don't have it all the time but lately it has been happening more often.

Anyone else have this - is it low blood pressure? My dosage is 6.5 milligrams of warfarin and my range is 2-3. I am also on that anti - malarial I can't spell :-)

thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks so much


PS on other forums there has been discussion of a connection between Hughes and heart defects - thoughts?

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Hi, I know I harp on about Thyroid issues, as even in our charity website information it is mentioned... as it is not uncommon to have a Thyroid problem along side Hughes Syndrome, plus of course Sjogrens Disease also. Unfortunately the over relied upon TSH test is not good and people do slip through the net. A slow Thyroid can produce the problems you are describing, Also of course other people do have various heart problems including AF. It is vital that you get the correct check ups and ask the right questions


Hi Mary -

Thanks for that - my thyroid has been checked recently and the doctor said it looked fine. Is there a specific test I need to have to find out if i have a slow thyroid?

Thanks so much



I joined Thyroid UK, who are very good, and who also have a forum on here, they list the symptoms and are keen to educate patients about the symptoms not just a set of lab numbers, they will also educate you on the unreliability of the TSH test. They also carry a list of recommended testing facilities, (private) for more accurate and detailed testing. MaryF


Thanks Mary I will check it out XX


I have had low BP all my life, though my heart rate has run fairly rapid also all my life. I have a congenital A fib which has gotten worse the past few years and also now a new (3 years) mitral valve prolapse. Probable connections with Hughes, but I have no idea where to point to assign blame for which condition: Hughes? a heart defect which runs in my father's family? my mom's obsession with antibiotics? All of above?


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