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Recently saw Dr D'Cruz which was useful. One of the things he has noted in the letter to my Rheumatologist is a TSH elevated at 6.91. He is suggesting she test this again as I may have hypothyroidism. Does anyone know what a normal TSH is, and also what were the other tests that some of you on this site recommend are done as well as this one? Thanks

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  • Hi, the TSH test often does not pick up the true picture and results for tests are set in a very narrow band, so if you have had this picked up, it is a good thing. The best charity and forum for Thyroid issues is Thyroid UK, who also have a forum on here, you can have the same user name. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/


    They also have useful pages to read both for Hypo Thyroid and Hyper Thyroid problems.


  • Thanks Mary, will have a look

  • Hi, my TSH was tested along with loads of other stuff (after HELLP syndrome) and it was 0.56 (apparently this falls within normal values because there was no exclamation mark behind it on the sheet).

  • Thanks - having looked online I think up to 4 is normal, so you were definitely not Hypo with that result.

  • The TSH is a pretty useless indicator of thyroid problems as what is "normal" for some people is actual not normal for others. You should ask for FT3, FT4, TPO antibodies and Thyroglobulin antibodies as the very least tests that they do. Unfortunately despite what your GP asks for, most labs will only test for some of these if the TSH is not in the normal range! You may have to pay to get the tests done.

  • Damn, wish I had seen this before I went to the Rheumatologist. I knew enough to ask him to do the FT4 as well as the TSH, do you think that will be enough, I have no eyebrows so the rheumatologist was fairly convinced I did have a thyroid issue!

  • You could call his secretary and ask if he would add the other tests to the Lab request.

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