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Re; Newbie !

Hi everyone and hope you're all keeping well. I'm not sure if updating this thread is how to do things but here goes! I went for my colonoscopy last week after a two week course of Prednisolone took my platelets up to 82 and made it possible, I'm on a reducing dose so no doubt they'll be back to 20 ish in a few weeks but at least they served their purpose for now! At least my wife will be able to relax now as the steriods dont help with the mood swings !! On face value the results were clear, just waiting for the biopsy results which should be back in a few weeks.

I booked in to see my GP the day after as I still have all the symptoms I mentioned before, the good news is he's referred me to the Specialist in Sheffield on the list you provided MaryF so thank you for the advice! My GP was great, he's doing everything I would have expected my Haemotologist and/or Gaestro to do but he's very honest about the limitations of his knowledge. To be honest I was only half way through telling him my concerns about my current Haemo when he offered to refer me elsewhere which led me onto the list! He seems as thirsty for answers as I do!

Thanks again everyone for your help / advice and support :-)


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Thank you for taking the trouble to let us all know, I am so glad that the list off the charity website was useful to yourself and your consultant/GP, great news. MaryF


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