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Appt. Guys

Had my first NHS appt. at Guys with Proff khamashta today.

What a lovely man!

Had been messed around left right and centre over a period of ten years at St Thomas,s with seeing different people, being diagnosed, having the diagnosis refuted,re-intated (twice) and being discharged and re0referred (twice)

Eventually at a time when I was quite poorly and the GP had re-referred but they wouldn,t see me, I went to London Bridge and saw Prof Khamashta privately,who wrote to my GP asking for a short letter of refferal so I could see him again on the NHS.

He has said that none of that should have happened and that he will keep me in the system, reviewing me every six months.

I feel re-assured by this.

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Sorry forgot, Happy New Year to you all.


Great news. Dave

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very encouraging. I agree that Prof K is a lovely man and is willing to fight on one's behalf. I too am now in the system. I have my new GP on board too. Best Wishes for the new year. I hope your treatment continues to be positive for you.

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Great News! Im glad things are working out for you and I hope it starts to work out for everyone else now that they have at last moved to Guys and started to sort themselves out!

Happy New Year to you.


He did the same for me the beginning of last year. He is always lovely and is a brilliant man, so glad i found him.


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