Am I imagining clexane's rapid effect?

My INR was just 2.1 today (target of 3 - I need to be at least 3 to feel well). I felt awful - slurring, calf felt achey again and I just couldn't think straight. I was dozing as I ate my toast - I was exhausted. However my B12 was also due today. Anyways warfarin dose increased by dr and I decided to use one of the clexanes I have at home for when INR low and I am symptomatic. Well that jab was just an hour or so ago and though I still feel a bit wobbly I can really tell a difference. Can clexane work this quickly or is it sheer optimism (and desperation - lol) from me?


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  • Hello Lynn

    I have found the same with Fragmin, it can make a big difference in a very short time.

    I'm now on Fragmin instead of Warfarin and I would never, willingly, go back on Warfarin.

    Best wishes.


  • yes it does work quite quickly and also only has quite a short life. You would feel a difference within an hour usually and certainly within half a day as the effects are pretty immediate.

  • Thank you both for replying. I couldn't believe how quickly it worked yesterday. I have to decide when I need to use it alongside the warfarin and at first I had wondered if it was just the "placebo effect" - I didn't want to add another drug if I didn't need it. But I felt so much better. I am self injecting until next Monday when inr will be tested and if the increased warfarin has raised the inr then I shall stop the clexane. Trouble is, more and more since Easter, I have had to add in clexane that I am beginning to wonder if that will be the way to go and warfarin will be eventually ditched.


  • They work in different ways so I would say yes, agree. My hospital won't agree to my using Fragmin unless I am <2.0 INR.

  • Hi Lissylou :)

    My consultant said if I am less than 3. But sometimes I am less than 3 and feel ok. So I use it if I am less than 3 and have symptoms and I use it if I am less than 2 regardless of symptoms because I invariably become symptomatic at less than 2 so just take it anyway.


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